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Qualifying Candidates 10 Times Faster Using “Digital Resume” in Three Steps Using Talpal

Schedule interviews by leveraging Talpal’s 200K technology question database to quickly create a Technical Interview template.

Allow candidate to demonstrate fitment for the role, by answering multiple-choice questions or record answers in video format.

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Secure online digital view of LinkedIn, Word Resume plus, answers to the questions for the role allowing for rapid collaborations and authentic selection.

75 percent of resumes are rejected before they reach the hiring manager

That’s right. Only two out of 10 resumes, get past the ATS to project teams. Not because the candidate would not fit the role and get the job done, but because the candidate’s resume  did not articulate the fitment for the job specification intuitively.

The word resume, is a poor communicator, allowing for recruiter interpretation and unconscious bias reject resumes based on  format and content. LinkedIn solves this problem slightly, but  still fails by a  longshot with too much generic information and exaggerated job title and content presentation